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Nabamudran Printing Press

This is one of the few old reputed printing presses of Kolkata. The clients wanted a state of art printing establishment to organize their operation. Located in the new industrial sector of Salt Lake, the design brief was to “Create a new culture for industry”. We translated this brief to create a space that had a natural ambience and a feel of order. We reduced the energy consumption in the building by maximising daylight and natural airflows through the building. Natural light filters though large top-glazing and cuts out virtually all of the artificial light requirement during the day. The large volume of the work sheds channel wind draft that come through the strategically placed windows and help cool the interiors. Excepting for the more sophisticated printing machines, the majority of the factory is naturally ventilated. An urban forest has been created around the factory. This softens up the industrial environment and creates green views. Along with the extensive ground cover, this also helps to reduce dust and heat gain.

Location:CP-4-5 Sector V Salt Lake
Client:Nabamudran Private Limited
Site Area:1.25 acres