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Residence at IA-22

This project is the architects’ own residence. The design is a result of a search for an architectural typology that best represents contemporary Bengali living. The home manifests this in the form of a composite of two different kinds of spaces – small private living units organised around a series of flowing collective spaces. Familiar architectural elements from the vernacular such as an uthon (an internal open space), a baithak (collective living space)  and verandahs form the core of the house. The design language is guided by principles to decrease cost yet respond effectively to the local climate and context. Old recycled windows, exposed brickwork comprised of hollow panels, use of fly-ash and passive solar principles are employed and manifest as the dominant visual expression. Built-in niches and corners serve as spaces that are customised and articulated during use – these personal touches makes the home lived-in. Built almost 25 years ago, the building has been featured in a variety of publications which elaborate on the quality of space and the low-cost design approach.

Location:Salt Lake,Kolkata
Client:Anjan Mitra
Site Area:300 sq.m.