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Ekamra Khsetra Conservation Plan – Orissa

Although it has been conceived as a conservation plan, yet it has a large component of urban design. Anjan Mitra of The Appropriate Alternative was involved as part of an interdisciplinary team formed by Indian  National Trust for Art and Culture Heritage (INTACH). The project was headed by professor A G K Menon. The scope of the work included formulating necessary planning guidelines and actions to rejuvenate the Lingaraja Temple and the traditional art forms of Bhubaneswar. Understanding the social network, existing ecological systems and the historic fabric were important parameters of the.

Some major questions were - Could the large number of historic elements, kunds, and open spaces be linked to a legible urban form? How to bring in modern amenities without disrupting the historic ambience? A practical solution to these issues has been worked out through a multi-disciplinary framework. The proposed plan stresses on strengthening of existing fragile ecology, sustenance of the temple and the social networks of the old town.

Location: Ekamra Khsetra, Orissa
Client: Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage
Year: ??