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Revitalisation of Kumartuli

Traditional image-makers work and live in Kumartuli, at the centre of historic Kolkata. The site is predominantly occupied by “Mrit-shilpis” (clay image makers. The profession is labour intensive and runs throughout the year. However; the area also sees an influx of additional workers during the peak seasons. The existing development is very intense and there exists a complex economic network. The scope of the project was to work out an urban form that responds to the needs of work patterns and various functions. In order to maintain and strengthen the existing networks rehabilitation at the same location was the chosen approach. Suggested strategies focused on creation of open spaces, provision for infrastructural up-gradation and improvement of housing quality. A detailed survey of occupants was carried out with the help of the local community to identify these needs, leading to the evolution of a new housing typology. The concept of Urban Design was employed here to create improved environmental quality, trajectories for value addition and better opportunities for livelihood.

Location: Kumartuli, Kolkata
Client: Kolkata Metropolitan Development authority
Year: 2006

Site Area: ?? sq.m