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Restoration of "Pancha-Ratna Temple"


Located in the Dhara Village at the foothills of Panchakot – this temple is one of a cluster of monuments constructed with the patronage of the Panchet Kings. The temple dates to a period between 13-16th centuries. The monument has been identified and chosen for conservation by the West Bengal State Heritage commission and local villagers from the Dhara village. The pancha-ratna (five spire) temple has four corner spires and one large central spire constructed using a system of brick masonry domes, vaults and arches. Authenticity was a major consideration during the process and was ensured by carrying out rigorous documentation and condition assessment of the existing structure to identify a clear plan for intervention, using matching materials, technology and specialised masons and artisans. The restoration met the approval of both the authorities and the local villagers and has paved the way to boost cultural tourism in the area and strengthen the local economy.

Location: Garh Panchakot,Purulia, West Bengal
Client: West Bengal State Heritage Commision 
Year: 2014-2016
Awards:HUDCO conservation of heritage design award 2016