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i-Lead Skill Education Campus

Tangra, Kolkata is home to the Chinese community and has recently suffered from the emptying of the physical spaces and sudden loss of jobs. We collaborated with  i-LEAD (an educational institution based in Chinatown) to revitalise a part of Tangra through the redevelopment of an old, vacant tannery warehouse.There were three major components - entrepreneurship development, education and skill development spaces; small business opportunity spaces and community spaces.  These took various forms, such as a training centre, a school, a skill development centre, a bakery, a beauty parlour, rooftop open public spaces, etc. The interventions were in the form of spatial reconfigurations and introduction of services – maximising use of waste and scraps on site either in their original form or with minimal repurposing. At present the institute is a thriving, vibrant place that is at the same time extremely grounded in the socio-spatial realities of Chinatown.

Location: Tangra, Kolkata
Client: iLEAD Kolkata
Year: 2016
Site Area: 1500 sq.m
Award: HUDCO green buildings award 2017

Saint Gobain's Smart Green Living Spaces,Public Spaces/Buildings Awards 2018